The Birth

Tsavorite Home fragrance was birthed in the home of the founder, Nkechi Alikor. Though an avid lover of home fragrance, her venture into the business of home fragrance was by chance.
Having struggled with the quality of mass produced and mass imported home fragrance that dominated the Nigerian Market, she eventually stumbled on an indigenous brand and was inspired to start her own indigenous line of luxury candles and diffusers and contribute her own quota to changing the narrative of the country’s home fragrance industry. This idea was conceived in September 2017 and was finally birthed in the summer of 2018.
The name Tsavorite pronounced “Say Vo rite” was inspired by the precious stone. A rare gemstone from the Garnet family with its origin in Africa specifically Kenya and Tanzania. The stone represents prosperity and abundance and although it’ is not very well known being a new entrant into the Jewelry market, like the brand, its inestimable value is not in dispute.


Our desire at Tsavorite is to build a brand that can compete globally in the international market while still preserving its African heritage. It is also our desire to inculcate in every one particularly in Nigeria, the art and culture of home scents.

Values / Ethos

At the very core of what we do is passion. Passion and love for the pure and true beauty that is the world of Scents is what truly keeps us grounded.
Sustainability – we believe in the preservation of the environment and we key into the belief that the only way to do good business is to embed the notion of sustainability in every aspect of the business.
Attention to detail – All our products are uniquely handcrafted in small batches with an obsessive attention to detail which ensures that each product leaving our studio is an unrivalled masterpiece that cannot be replicated elsewhere.
Excellent Service – Customer is King and at Tsavorite, it is no different. We believe it is not enough to have or sell a good product but to also create a memorable and pleasurable experience around the sale of the Product.

Creative Director

Nkechi Alikor is an entrepreneur and a legal advisory expert. Her love for interior and good smelling spaces prompted her entry into the Home Fragrance Industry. She believes that a space should not only look good but smell good because the nose remembers better than the eyes. She loves Yoga and enjoys exploring new cultures.  She gets her inspiration for the scents she curates and creates from the different cities she’s visited.

I believe a space should not only look good but smell good because the nose always remembers!